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  1. Than why do we feel the need to say it? (that a picture is worth a thousand words...) A paradox worth to be bore in mind...

    You should not misinterpret, I agree that much can be expressed through imagery than through times...nonetheless, there are times when a picture can mean the world or nothing without words...either way, man communicates primarily through words though, as an adult, perceived the world first visually...

  2. Imola, easy :).

    Don't take things so seriously in life.

  3. As you take some great photographs, you might be interested in a photo challenge each month on my blog.

    It's called "5 on the fifth" - you either take 5 random pictures of something that happens to you on the 5th of September (or the days leading up to it) or perhaps go for my suggested theme. This month, the theme is The Blues.

    A link to past months can be found here:

    You add a comment on my blog on the 5th with your name, location and link where the pictures can be found.

    You can join the 5 on the fifth Facebook page too:

  4. Vinay, you might be more right than you think, yet...there are risks when taking things (too?!) lightly :))

    I cannot help thinking about this bizarre fascination that people have for butterflies...why do we appreciate them so? they're just insects...I blame hunger for beauty!


    PS Summer's gone, September's coming to an end...time to get back to work (in other words, more pictures, please! :) )